6 month ‘Stop Smokerversary’

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Today marks 6 months from when I broke up with my lifelong partner. Not a day goes by without me missing him, but I know in the long run he wasn’t good for me. I still remember the way he’d make me feel confident, the way he’d fill me with goodness and how I could smell him on my pillow for days after he had gone. However I also remember how he’d need to call me every 40 minutes and if I tried to ignore him it would only get worse. I also remember how he hated me going on planes and in the cinema… and I also remember how my parents and friends hated him being around. I’m talking about my love affair with cigarettes. I went from smoking about 25 cigs a day to 0. I know this blog is about dieting, but it’s important to remember how I became a fat shit in the first place. In the 4 months after I quit I had put on about 2 stone.


Why I quit smoking: 

This one was simple… I read this article here about a 33 year old dying of lung cancer. Immediately it hit home that smoking doesn’t just kill people in their 50’s and 60’s (although that’s bad enough)… but it could begin to affect me in about 5 years! I’m 24 and there is no way in hell I’d let smoking kill me.

How I stopped smoking: 

People ask me this one the whole time… I guess it’s unusual to see a heavy smoker quit for the first time and never smoke again. The secrets to my success are:

1) www.whyquit.com – So much of my success I put down to reading through this random website I found. In the first few days when I couldn’t sleep from withdrawal symptoms I would read this site. It’s incredible – it explains how the addiction starts and how you can stop it. Every time I see a smoker now I see them as an addict. I still look back at smoking as if I loved it but the simple fact is that no one loves a cigarette when they first put it in their mouths. Nicotine is an INCREDIBLY addictive substance and will do all sorts of tricks to make you THINK you love it. Well, this site will educate you about how to stop this love affair.

2) Get that turkey nice and COLD. Cold turkey is the way forward… you’re trying to quit NICOTINE not smoking… I have always had an issue with willpower and I knew that if I didn’t eliminate nicotine from my system completely, then at some point I wouldn’t have been able to resist a cig at some point during my quit. Cutting down doesn’t work either…. ONE cigarette gives you enough nicotine each day to make your body/mind crave a cigarette for yet another day. Even if you cut down to 1, you’re still dragging the quitting process on… it’s not fair on your body. I quit cold turkey and yes the 3/4 first days were a f*cking nightmare but it gets significantly better as time goes on. It’s actually quite interesting to see how your body begins to get over the addiction. Furthermore, e-cigs haven’t been regulated and we don’t know the negative side effects of them either yet… also everyone I know who used them to quit are not addicted to them… It’s all about breaking away from that nicotine addiction.

3) Constant reminders. List ALL the reasons you want to quit on your notes App on your phone… take a screenshot and put it as your background. This will act as a constant reminder to why you want to quit.

4) STUFF YOUR FAT FACE. Yes I know this is what got me into this weight gain in the first place, but I truly think I wouldn’t have quit without being able to eat what I want… especially in the first couple of weeks. A short-term weight gain is so much healthier than a long-term smoking habit. Yes I know neither of them are ideal, but I got myself in this mess in the first place so I needed to try my hardest to get myself out of it.

5) Support. This site is amazing – it’s for all people who are trying to quit smoking – http://www.reddit.com/r/stopsmoking. I still read it now!

Do I miss it? Yes, but do I feel better for it? Fuck yes. Words can’t describe how good I feel.



3 thoughts on “6 month ‘Stop Smokerversary’

    onewayhealthier said:
    April 6, 2014 at 6:29 pm


    Michelle said:
    April 9, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    It is awesome that you did this for yourself and your health. Continuing with the support forums will likely be the key to your long term success, just like we turn to weight loss/healthy living blogs and forums for inspiration and success.

    Bella said:
    April 9, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    I am impressed. Come Friday I am 3 weeks without soft drink (soda) not even diet stuff, nope not as hard core as giving up the smoking. But not buying soft drink when out about (i drink grown up drinks) is getting easier and I have a stronger tea addiction than before.

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