Big GOO on a diet

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So I’ve been ill this week with a nasty ear infection… I won’t go into the details but the clue is in the title of this blog post – big goo on a diet. I’m one of those people who could convince themselves they were dying even with just a common cold. It got me thinking, here are Big Jew’s pros and cons of being ill whilst on a diet (p.s. if this post doesn’t make any sense it’s because i’m horribly unbalanced and running a slight fever):

– Pro – My antibiotics say I’m not allowed to eat 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking them and I need to take them 4 times a day. This already limits my snacking hours to specific points in the day. No more sneaky mini cupcakes whilst at the desk. I know what you’re thinking ladies – it’s called Flucloxacillin – go crazy.


– Con – This promotes binging at my designated hours in the day. God help anyone standing in the way of the cholla when my 2 hour period has come (cholla is the ultimate ill food obv

– Pro – Fevers take your hunger away – starve a fever, feed a cold. Personally I’ve never noticed this one… fever or no fever I’m a ravenous beast.


– Con – When fever subsides you think you’re ‘owed’ 1000 extra calories. There’s something about being hotter… you almost think you’re burning more calories. It’s like exercise.

– Pro – You don’t go out to fancy restaurants and have big dinners when you’re ill.

– Con – You are more likely to boredom eat whilst snacking at home and no one can see what you’re doing because they’re all at work. Everyone know that secret calories don’t count.

– Pro – You can watch as much TV as you like

– Con – Only cooking shows like Barefoot Contessa is on… “how bad can that be?”

– Pro – You have an excuse not to feel guilty about not exercising


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